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Strategic consulting in business development

About us

Our mission

Our aim is to help Company Leaders to:

  • increase revenue and/or profits, drive growth and develop their business in a most effective way
  • identify business development opportunities
  • reduce costs while increasing overall organizational performance
  • effectively implement new business strategy and prepare for the process of business transformation

Our Clients

Why us?

Excellent competence and skills

acquired in prestigiuous Polish and abroad Universities and Polytechnics followed by experience

Long experience

acquired in globally leading companies for more than 18 years

Tangible results

that can be expressed in higher revenue or cost reduction

Continuous improvement

and enhancement of competence and skills thanks to engagement in the most advanced industries with the highest growth rate

Success stories

Strategic analysis of business and its environment

Identifaction of key processes

Definition of objectives

Development and implementation

Results analysis

Our offer

We focus on strategic business areas, such as: Marketing & Sales, Optimization, Design and Implementation of ERP systems, Automation, Succession.

Our offer

Custom made Solutions

We start from strategic analysis of your company and its environment. We focus on the processes that are key for the success of the company.

While most consulting companies or IT and ERP suppliers deliver ready models/solutions, we help you to develop and implement custom made, tailored on your specific needs, IT and ERP solutions starting from your business analysis and your key business processes. This is the most effective way of creating your competitive advantage that leads to the increase of your revenue.

We support you in a successful implementation of a strategy or solutions. We guarantee effective implementation through involvement of your people, training and coaching. Our aim is to enhance internal level of competences and build the capabilities in order to ensure long-lasting competitive advantage.

We support you in re-designing of your organization in order to align the company’s structure to the company’s new objectives and close the gap in the competence and capabilities area, keeping in mind that it must be both efficient and flexible in order to react effectively to the changing market and challenges of new technologies.

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